Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Project Ugly

Project Ugly is an initiative run by Sydney Artists Ears and Max Berry along with Sydney Printing Company Look Print, where artists are invited to paint a massive 6m x 3m billboard out the back of the Look Print offices in Leichhardt. 16 artists have previously these panels, including the likes of Beastman, CreepyDrew Funk, and of course Ears and Max Berry, so when recently I was asked to paint the 17th mural there was no possible way I was turning down the opportunity. Over two days I painted the mural, based around the tale of the Pied Piper, while locals walked past, Look Print employees took their smoke breaks and some lads tried to bum paint off me.

The mural should be up for an other couple of weeks before Mistery will get some fresh panels to paint, with the end results of all the efforts of the artists to be displayed at an upcoming Urban Art Festival.

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