Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Slow upkeep

It's been a while since i've done a proper update. Artwork has been happening, it just hasn't been making it's way here. Something will come soonish, but until then keep up to date at www.facbook.com
@houlart on instagram.

Monday, 29 July 2013

A Box full of Giraffes

Design Homewares Store, Box, had me paint some giraffes on the back wall of their shop in Lonsdale Street Traders.

Damn Tourists

We have had a couple of visits from interstate talent recently. The ruggedly handsome Mike Watt and Keo Match have made their ways down to Canberra to paint. Great days with even greater results:

Lazer Lizard with Mike Watt and Swerfk

Three Stooges from scraps with Mike and Swerfk

Shoebill: Anatomy 101 with Keo Match

Thumb War with Keo Match

Winter Zebra with Keo Match and Swerfk

Stickers Everywhere

A good day and a bit of sticker making

Recent Artworks

Collection of artworks created for "Real Savage Like"
Contact me at with any enquiries

Saw Blade Sex Robots

Savage Street Signs

Endangered Birds in Ink

Real Savage Like

In July, I had my first Solo exhibition. The exhibition, titled "Real Savage Like", was held at Honky Tonks in Canberra, and brought together my street influenced works on Signs and Saw Blades, and more delicate ink works.

Photos by Honky Tonks