Sunday, 26 June 2011

Getting Dirty

The Dirt recently hooked up a couple of walls which were in need of a paint. These naturally resulted in some late night fume-fuelled painting with some of the finest upstanding young gentlemen that go in for these sorts of debaucherous things.

The first of these late nights was in a Leichhardt warehouse with Bathcat, Dirt, Reason, Sprinkles, Vars, Veks and Myself, and amidst the grime of the warehouse we managed some to get out some good pieces.

 Dirt and Houl




The second night was a commission piece by Bridgemary Kiss or their recording studio, this time with the smaller lineup of Skulk, Dirt and Myself, where we managed to create a themed piece while the band jammed and a deaf white cat wandered around the room.

Skulk, Houl and Dirt




Thanks again to Dirt for organising these walls, and as always if you have any walls of your own that need painting, the artists featured in these pages are always welcoming to commissions.

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