Saturday, 14 May 2011


Over the past couple of years i've painted some real shit and i've also painted some stuff that I feel is just good enough to share. Here are some photos of the latter, which are collaborations with some of Sydney's finest aerosol artists, or at least that's what they'd lead you to believe.Actually to tell the truth, that's pretty damn close.

Grandma's Lane, Camperdown, March 2011

Bondi Beach, February 2011
Houl, Sprinkles, Veks & Imok

The Record Store, Surry Hills, August 2010
Houl & Scribla

Leftoverflavours Magazine Launch @ OAF, February 2010
Houl, Sprinkles, Hazzy B, SMC3, Vars, Birdhat, Slikor, Slinky, Limit, J. Douglas & W. Cook
(click image for slideshow of the wall being painted)

Name This Bar, Oxford Street, February 2010
Houl, SMC3, Hazzy B, John Doe & Foxglove

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  1. Hey please get me in touch with Hazzy B. I'm a guy from the states that met him at burning man 09 and need to chat with him!!

    Send him my contact deets please

    Brian Galban