Saturday, 14 May 2011

Secret Wars

It's come and gone, and is now on to Series 3.

In 2010 I had the great opportunity to take part in the first ever Secret Wars held in Sydney. In the competition were the amazing talents of Mike Watt, John Doe, Jumbo, Creon, Bridge Stehli, Max Berry, Amuse and myself. Against all odds I managed to get through, and won the damn thing.

Since then Secret Wars has gone to Melbourne, and has now come all the way back to Sydney for Series 3.
You can find plenty of evidence of the talent that proliferates the competition at the Secret Wars Australia Flickr, and get all the details about upcoming rounds and series at the Secret Wars Australia website 

Here are a select few pictures and videos from my rounds of Secret Wars Sydney Series 1

Round 3:
Bridge Stehli VS Houl

Semi Final 2:
Max Berry VS Houl

Grand Final:
Creon VS Houl

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