Wednesday, 14 December 2011

Woden Canals: Flash Flooding Fun

Recently went painting with Dirt, Resan, Bathcat and Abyss in the Woden Canals on a slightly wet Sunday last weekend. We were tucked away nicely underneath some cover and failed to notice the increasing intensity of the rain until we were suddenly faced with a growing body of water cutting us off from the way out of the canal.With Resan on dry land, and the flash flood about to wash us away, Dirt and Bathcat scaled the wall while Abyss and myself chose to attempt to outrun it. Understandably the pieces were left unfinished, but we should all be back shortly to get them finished properly, weather permitting.

Here are some progress shots of what has been completed so far. Photos by Abyss.

BathCat and Resan

Resan, Dirt, Abyss and Houl

One moment dry...

...the next moment flooded

Bathcat, smashing TV's in the drain

Dirt, hanging loose

Abyss and Houl





Something to feel like I'd accomplished something, despite the weather


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