Friday, 9 December 2011

Competition Time: Original Artwork Giveaway

So it's coming up to Christmas, people are putting up their spider-infested fake trees that they salvaged from the neighbours mid-year garage sale, decorating it with glittery tinsel that will hang around the house for months afterwards, and trying to remember whether the present they're re-gifting is going back to the someone other than they person who gave them the gift or not.

Naturally it's time for me to get into the spirit of things and I've decided to give away an original Houl artwork, pictured below, which I've painted just for one lucky person out there.

"Santy Clors"
Aerosol and Marker on Network Adapter

So how do you win it?
Step 1: Go to and "Like" Houl. (Feeling used? You should be)
Step 2: You can then either "like" the post I have made about this very competition, which will earn you 1 (one) entry OR you can share the post, pimping me out to all your facebook friends, which gets you 2 (two) entries.
Step 3: Wait with baited breath for the announcement. The winner will be chosen in a lucky dip and announced next week.

Pretty simple right?

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