Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Secret Wars... on Cockatoo Island

So Secret Wars, as you should know, is an art battle like no other. 2 artists armed with black paint and markers on a white wall, with just 90 minutes on the clock. The winner is decided by the crowd and 2 judges from the art world and it can be pretty intimidating.

The guys behind Secret Wars Australia however, have decided that clearly these restrictions are not enough, and have taken it up another step by adding a Thunder Dome style element to the event which now see's the battle taking place on an island! Two artists enter, one artist leaves... then the other artist also leaves, but just a little bit later, and without having won, but still having painted like a champ.

So, seperated from the mainland, with only the materials we bring us and seperated from all the glorious modern day facilities like the Apple store, discoteques and fast food outlets and whatnot that you only get on the larger lumps of land, Secret Wars is now a part of the Outpost Project on Cockatoo Island.

Come along for the art and stay for the battle. Secret Wars has 4 rounds, Houl vs Scale this Saturday the 12th, then Shannon Crees Vs Mike Watt the saturday after, followed by Deb VS Teem after that and finally Ben Bigeni VS Ken Taylor on the final weekend.

More information can be found at www.secretwars.com.au/blog and from the Outpost Project site

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