Saturday, 18 May 2013

Critically Endangered Zoo Commssion

I was recently commissioned to create a mural for Zoo Advertising, a Canberra based advertising agency who handled Like Canberra for the centenary celebrations, and more recently have been closely related to the upcoming Fashfest. I was asked to create something to welcome clients as they walk into the entrance of the office, as well as to fill the "12 Monkeys" meeting room and a wall that overlooks the staff desks. I chose to base my designs around endangered animals, and as such, all the animals depicted in these images are ones that have been classified as either endangered or critically endangered.

The wall in the entrance was a beautiful wood, and as one who respects wood, I opted to make some big-ass stickers instead of painting directly onto the wood, so as not to damage it permanently.


I followed the use of stickers through into the "12 Monkeys" meeting room before getting my hands dirty with some markers in the staff area.

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