Friday, 31 August 2012

"Hung" Exhibition

Here are my two feature artworks for the Hung exhibition at Soju Girl, featured alongside Abyss, Swerfk, Dale, Kook, Walrus, Byrd, Jess Mess, Zedar and Gibbo.

The opening night was a great success, receiving amazing feedback. Read BMA's very generous write-up here, in which they say that of all the artwork in the exhibition:"Houl’s selection is the standout amongst them. His Attack Sustain Decay Release is an eye-catching array of macabre cartoonish hands..." These works, as well as other smaller pieces of mine, should be on display for at least a month or so, so head in an check them out at Soju Girl in Civic, Canberra.

"Air Heads"

"Attack Decay Sustain Release"
Collaborative piece with musician Hiroko Ai is Dead
(Musical accompaniment available here)

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