Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Green Demon and a Healthy Stack: Changing Lanes Aftermath

Changing Lanes: I Painted, Drew, Rode a modified Penny Farthing that spun a giant Pyramid covered in interchangeable Stax panels, got drunk, and had fun, and all in a space of a couple of hours.

Starting from 11am, Syke, Laura Ives, Jumbo, Sprinkles, Beastman, Phibs, Ears, Numskull and myself painted a massive mural along the main stretch of the festival. We were meant to wait until the punters were watching, but managed to knock it out quicker than expected. What are you gonna do, hey?

Down the way a little bit, the Stax Pyramid was slowly spinning.With 18 artists having painted 3 panels each, there was a possible 5832 combinations. (Thank you online combination calculator) These combinations were stuck onto a pyramid with Velcro that revolved by pedalling a specially made Penny Farthing, all elevated off the ground on a platform. Here's 6 Stax combinations

 The Panels
(Houl X Houl X Houl)
The Set-up
(Konsumterra X Laura Ives X Houl)
The Unimpressed Patron
(Houl X Opens X Syke)
The Cross Dresser
(Ears X Boots X Houl)
The Straight Jacket
(Houl X Hazzy Bee X Phibs)
 The Caged Foetus
(John Doe X Houl X Boots)

Mural photos by Chad Drake
Stax Photos by Konsumterra, with so many many more combinations on his Flickr

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