Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Houly Three Days: Day 2

Houly Three Days
Day 2: 5th August
Look See 2011 Exhibition

So you've lived through Thursday night. You got drunk, bought a shirt and some posters, and staggered home. Now what are you doing Friday? Care to take a trip to Newcastle? Want to see some amazing art from the likes of Numskull, Mike Watt, Beastman and more? Would you also like some live painting, courtesy of Secret Wars, with local Newcastle boys Malade squaring off against Sprinkles and Houl? You do? Awesome, i'll see you at the Look See 2011 Opening Night Exhibition, Watt Space Gallery 6:30pm.

Look See is a part of the Look Hear Art +Design event
More information about the opening night from Invurt
Show the world that you're attending with the facebook event

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